To provide excellence of quality, style and technology in the making of products for physical and artistic performance, with environmental, social responsibility and innovative spirit, serving everyone passionate about the art of the dance and the health of the body and mind.

To be recognized as vanguard brands, with environmental and social responsibility. To have a team of committed professionals, motivated and constantly inspired, always using technological advances as a means to overcome limitations. To enable wider freedom in the creation and execution of artistic movement and of performance, to the full satisfaction of our clients and for the development of Brazil
and of the different countries where the company interacts.

Trinys: A success story
The Teixeira Araujo family has been a part of Brazil’s dance story for over 20 years. In the mid – 1980s, the family’s dream started become a reality with the opening of the first two Só Dança stores in Sao Paulo. This was the beginning of one of the world’s largest companies. It is a history of success that continues to be written.
In order to maintain its own demands as well as to meet the standards required by the industry, Só Dança inaugurated its own factory in 1986. Production consisted of ballet leotards in addition to lines of swim and fitness wear.

Company vision: Challenge and Determination
Three years later, already consolidated in the output and commercialization of the products, the company returned to its origins with the transfer to the city of Osvaldo Cruz, in the interior of the state of Sao Paulo. In doing so, it also brought the first artisians and technicians needed to start making footwear. That large jump in growth also required a new name: Trinys. Today this company is the holder of two distinct brands.

• Só Dança, for all body and footwear for dance
• Trinys, for fitness and swimwear

As these brands strengthened and were recognized in the national market the company took, in 1992, another bold step as it turned its attention to export. By 1994 the Teixeira Araujo family had reached other important decisions, notably to enter into partnerships, thus providing another huge technical and qualitative leap forward and consolidating the company’s position in the world market.

Foreign markets: New Horizons
By the following year, a partnership with a distributor in the Argentina was established and marked the definite opening of the international market’s doors for Só Dança. In 1997, the company again undertook new challenges with the opening of its own distributorship in the United States of America. At the forefront of that bold undertaking was Lisias Ransan, experienced professional in international business and dance. In 2000 the company continued breaking down borders and opened another distributorship in Europe with Valdemir Gibin and Luis Carlos Teixeira Araújo at the helm.

Alliances: The Connection between the world of dance and Trinys
The strength of Só Dança and Trinys in the Brazilian market allowed the company to undertake its most daring project: that of blending its own story with that of the art of dance in Brazil. An important event sponsored by the company in 2002 was so successful it opened the doors for Brazilian dancers by offering the winners the possibility of participating in one of the dance world’s largest events, the finals of Youth America Grand Prix in New York. As a result, Brazil is today the headquarters of one of the selective phases of this important event – a showcase for new Brazilian talents, many of whom have received international recognition through the scholarships they have been awarded. Such was the case of Isabella Maylart - winner of the Junior Grand Prix in 2006 and awarded a full scholarship for studies at the Stuttgart Ballet – and of Daniel Deveison, the first Brazilian competitor to become a full time company member of San Francisco Ballet after being selected to study at that prestigious company’s school.

Quality: The Pursuit of Excellence
It is with enterprising vision that the Teixeira Araujo family developed a technical advisory board of respected professionals in dance, physical performance and swimming who assist in the developmental trials of new products. Thus, with the interaction of professionals alongside our technicians, Trinys is able to seek constant innovation and maximum quality for all of our product lines and strives to provide full satisfaction to our most demanding clients. As it focuses on the specific requirements of each discipline, Trinys reaffirms one of its main characteristics: to constantly attend to the specific needs of dance, fitness and swimming while developing new technologies and exclusive designs.

Partnerships: a Market without Borders
In 2004, continuing its foreign growth, the company inaugurated another distributorship under the direction of Lisanias Ransan, in the promising Canadian market. The success of the Só Dança and Trinys brands forged important partnerships with distributors and commercial representatives in countries on five continents: Germany, Bulgaria, Spain, Estonia, France, Greece, England, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Israel, South Africa, Japan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Argentina, United States, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, among others. At this time, the company is present in more than 1,200 locations in Brazil, with representatives in the entire national territory. Thanks to the well - consolidated work in the domestic market, Trinys guarantees the growth and evolution of Trinys and Só Dança abroad as well. The accelerated growth rhythm is stimulated by the company goals to satisfy its clients with excellence, to seek maximum product quality, and to be at the forefront of fashion and innovation. Above all, it seeks to maintain a close relationship with all the professionals in the art of dance, fitness and swimming – the very reason for its existence.

The Dominican Republic: Industrial partnership abroad
In 2008 the company invested still more in the foreign market and opened a new phase with the establishment of a partnership for a production unit in the Dominican Republic. Installed in 9,700 m2 of space and with large growth potential, Soles del Mar facilitates the speedy delivery on our large demand for slippers, shoes and clothing for export.



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