1. Tap History 101

    Tap History 101

    We embody the culturally rich heritage of tap by endorsing some key figures like Derick Grant and Aaron Tolson. This duo has and continues to work closely together on a variety of tremendous projects. Derick is a staple Só Dança ambassador that rose to prominence in 1996.  Grant’s success as a tap dancer and choreographer has lead him to work all around the world with esteemed artists gracing the stage with his rhythm, swag, and style. Aaron Tolson, too, is an admired tap dancer. Tolson has been mastering his craft since 1986 and is currently the assistant choreographer, co-creator and assistant producer of Imagine Tap! Both Grant and Tolson have played an immense role in the creation of Imagine Tap!

  2. Fashion Fever Has Set In... Again

    Fashion Fever Has Set In... Again

    Color, like dance, evokes an emotional experience. The way color can inspire, bring joy, or even disturb is fascinating. It forces you to feel something. It moves you deep within. These are the fascinations that inspire us every time we put together a collection. Here is a quick glance at some of the standouts of the 2019 Fashion Volume 2 collection.  These and many more are available exclusively right now at your local dancer store.  Color, movement, dance.

  3. In The Spotlight: So Dancer Madison Penney

    In The Spotlight: So Dancer Madison Penney

    Over time, dancing can feel like a grind.  The repetition, perfectionism and the massive amount of hours can be a soul sucker. But, it is the JOY of dance that truly drives dancers to continue training at such a pace for so many years. It takes more than just great physical strength to be a good dancer. It also takes dedication, a strong work ethic, artistry, and an undying passion and humility.  In other words, a very strong soul.

  4. Evan and Bianca New Vlog Series

    Evan and Bianca New Vlog Series

    Excuse me, we have a special announcement!  We are always looking to push the way we do things as a business to elevate and support dancers.  We are very excited to present a whole new side of Só Dança.  We have chosen two dancers that will be sharing their own journey though dance in a new video series.  Here is what you need to know to follow along...

  5. Tapping into His Artistry: A Spotlight on Jalen Saint Phifer

    Tapping into His Artistry: A Spotlight on Jalen Saint Phifer

    When Jalen Saint Phifer was just a young boy, his mom had a friend who was a professional tap dancer. His early memories include attending shows and watching tap dancing from backstage. When he got his first pair of tap shoes, his involvement with the tap community helped him understand the art form of tap before he even started formally training at American Tap Dance Foundation in New York.

    Só Dança is proud to support a community of inspirational dancers, like Jalen, who have demonstrated a commitment and passion that elevate the art of dance. The So Dancer program has been designed with the intention of providing dancers with notoriety and products that will better themselves. We understand that, in this day and age, exposure is critical; therefore, offering a platform that provides our So Dancers with valuable connections and content ultimately broadens their network of opportunities, while simultaneously promoting the Só Dança brand.

  6. Let the Light Shine

    Let the Light Shine

    Take a look inside the mind of Só Dança as we put together a photographical journey of Só Dança and dance itself.  What does Só Dança mean to you?  More importantly, what does dance mean to you?

  7. Só Dança & DancerPalooza: The Perfect Pair

    Só Dança & DancerPalooza: The Perfect Pair

    Só Dança constantly strives to deliver the best tools for a dancer, so we’re thrilled to announce a partnership with a dance event that’s just as dedicated to creating versatility in dancers of all ages, DancerPalooza. That’s right. This July 22-28, we’re taking our flip flops and pointe shoes with us to Long Beach, CA as a presenting sponsor for DancerPalooza.

  8. So Dancer: Catherine Rowland

    So Dancer: Catherine Rowland

    When you have a dream to be a dancer but injury strikes, how do you find the endurance and the patience to continue pursuing your goals?

    Só Dança supports a community of inspirational dancers—our So Dancers— who have demonstrated both a grace and passion that elevate the art of dance. Recently, So Dancer Catherine Rowland accepted an interview with us where she shared candidly about her struggle with injuries, as well as how her family and her faith have influenced her journey.

    Catherine is 14-years-old. Her hometown is Boca Raton, FL; however, she is currently training at the International Ballet Academy (IBA) in Cary, NC, where she resides full time.

  9. New Year, New Collection, Same Sara.

    New Year, New Collection, Same Sara.

    In 2018 we embarked on a journey with New York City Ballet’s Principal Dancer, Sara Mearns. This adventure began with all of those involved working to one common goal: a gorgeous line that represents Sara’s elegance, strength and beauty - a perfect reflection of Só Dança.

  10. The Pointe of Reivention

    The Pointe of Reivention

    After three years, more than 300 failed trials and a group of about 15 professionals, a new era in pointe shoes is born.


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