1. Dancing away from home as a talented young artist: A talk with Catherine Rowland

    Dancing away from home as a talented young artist: A talk with Catherine Rowland

    It's not uncommon for elite young dancers, gymnasts, skaters and other sorts of athletes to relocate from home in order to put everything into training. The common quality of this phenomenon doesn't mean that it's not a significant shift for these youth, however; academics, friendships, family life and more can really change. On the other hand, with support from friends and loved ones, as well as a persistent, positive attitude, this change can be smooth enough to weather. Flexibility of mind, being able to consider and adjust to new ways of doing things, seem to truly help here as well. 

  2. Off the screen and on to the stage: How to engage your students in this digital world

    Off the screen and on to the stage: How to engage your students in this digital world

    As dance schools start moving classes, rehearsals and even performances online, we decided to chat with teachers who’ve been doing this whole “digital dance” thing for a while now. Justin Boccitto, Ginger Cox and Steve Sirico (also a dance studio owner) tell us how they connect with their students digitally.

  3. What every tap dancer should know

    What every tap dancer should know

    At some point in a dancer’s training, whether they are four years old or 14, tap has probably made an appearance. Even if it was just a question of “What is tap class like?” or “Should I try to take a tap class?”, there is no mistaking the curiosity or want to indulge in what has been a staple in the dance community for years. While some may be on the fence with tap, there are a select few who catch the tap bug and want more. There are so many outlets at a dancer’s disposal when it comes to tap dance, but how can we ensure that we are getting the best training, gaining performance experience and using the best shoes possible? Dance Informa talks to So Dancer Jabu Graybeal and Só Dança Ambassador Aaron Tolson about what key things tap dancers should know to equip themselves for a successful career.

  4. Upcoming auditions and how to get seen there (and in class!)

    Upcoming auditions and how to get seen there (and in class!)

    Auditioning. For working dancers, it’s both nerve-wracking and unavoidable. It can be demoralizing to think that two or three out of a packed “cattle call” audition room may be cast or hired -- and that you might not be one of those two or three, even if you give it your all and do great. Some things directors are looking for are within your control, and those are skills that you can work at and take responsibility for. Some of those things (such as typecasting) aren’t. At the same time, are there still gifts to be gained from these experiences, even if you don’t “get the job”? Can you hone your skills for future editions, make fruitful contacts and friends, and even simply have a stellar time dancing? 

  5. How these guys keep fit and confident

    How these guys keep fit and confident

    Looking good and feeling good often go hand in hand. If you feel comfortable and secure in what you’re wearing and how you look, then that translates to a more positive, confident mindset. And who doesn’t want to feel cool and confident?!

  6. Trinys athleisure line

    Trinys athleisure line

    You all know that Só Dança is a well-known brand for high quality, fashionable dancewear and dance shoes. But now, Só Dança will expand its offerings to even more people (lucky them!), with its new fitness line, Trinys. And who doesn’t need a good pair of leggings and a cute top for their workout?

  7. Style tips for staying warm but looking cool

    Style tips for staying warm but looking cool

    Spring is nearly here, with the days growing longer and warmer. But there are surprise chilly mornings, and studios can be extra nippy from aggressive air conditioning. For months like these, layering is your friend! Still, these transitional times are tricky to navigate when it comes to dancewear in the studio and theater. Fortunately, we’ve complied a list of some of our favorite Só Dança pieces to get you through – and make your style transitions as seamless as your dance ones.

  8. Right to the pointe: A shoe education

    Right to the pointe: A shoe education

    Your students have been asking, and you’ve finally approved some of them to start their pointe training. It’s certainly an exciting time for them – and you (aren’t you proud?!) – but it’s also a crucial time. You want to help start them off on the right foot, and that means guiding them and giving them resources for finding their proper shoe. 

    It’s okay if you’re not completely up-to-date on the latest pointe shoe technologies and brands; that’s what we’re here for! But helping your students find the shoes that are right for their feet is imperative to their alignment, their experience and their future. So read on for some insight and tips to impart to your students!

  9. New Year, New Me

    New Year, New Me

    A new year provides an opportunity for new beginnings, especially for dancers. It’s a time to try new things in class and experiment with your look. But that doesn’t mean you have to throw out everything in your closet! Start the new year off fresh and looking fabulous with these tips for spicing up the dancewear you have and adding some fun new pieces.

  10. Dancewear Corner: Doing well and doing good

    Dancewear Corner: Doing well and doing good

    It’s a ubiquitous question in business – can one do well and do good? In other words, can businesses grow, make some sort of profit and make a notable positive difference in surrounding communities and the world? Dancewear Corner (DWC) of Orlando, FL, offering “everything a dancer needs in one place,” is one business that has managed to do both. The dancewear store (and Só Dança retailer), through its DWC Gives Back Program, offers scholarships, dancewear/supplies, goods to auction off for silent auctions and more – all in working toward ensuring that any person who wants to reach their dance dreams has the resources to do so.


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