We have exclusively launched our fall 2019 “Sweets” collection offering up a variety of indulgent prints. The new drop encompasses all of your favorite types of sweets:  ice cream, donuts, and lollipops! You are in for a treat!

  2. Partnering up with American Dance Movement

    Partnering up with American Dance Movement

    Só Dança has always supported American Dance Movement and their mission.  With our recent sponsorship to the High Strung Free Dance film (coming soon to a theater near you on October 11th), both HSFD and Só Dança  are dedicated to making dance accessible to the widest possible public. We share a love and passion for outreach.  As a way to give back to the dance community we came up with a fabulous CAPSULE COLLECTION.

  3. The Fantastic Factory

    The Fantastic Factory

    Have you ever tried to view the world in the eyes of a child?  If not, you should! Children always see life in the most pure, positive and “fantastical” way.  It is the best way to look at life through the eyes of a child.

    That is exactly what Só Dança did!  Our team put on their thinking caps to envision how a youngster might fantasize our shoe factory to be like.  Put on your whimsical colored glasses and take a tour into the Só Dança magical shoe factory with us.

  4. Só Dança Spotlight: Tia Wenkman

    Só Dança Spotlight: Tia Wenkman

    Recently we sat down with So Dancer Tia Wenkman to uncover more of who she is and what dance means to her. Tia is 16-years-old and is originally from a small town in Wisconsin called Waunakee, located outside the capital city of Madison, Wisconsin. She has been training for the last two years in Arizona at Master Ballet Academy and is presently dancing at the Royal Ballet School in London. Although she enjoys many different styles of dance, her specialty is classical and contemporary ballet.

  5. So Danca Spotlight: Victoria Caban

    So Danca Spotlight:  Victoria Caban

    At just 16 Victoria Caban is a dance icon. Known for her beautiful Flamanco dancing on NBC's World of Dance as well as her impressive hip hop moves.  She is a passionate dancer with a bright future ! To learn all about this amazing So Dancer read on...

  6. Head Back to Dance in Style and Inspired

    Head Back to Dance in Style and Inspired

    There’s always a “sigh” when summer is over. The beach, fun times with friends and long days are in our past. But there’s a fresh start ahead, with the new year full of school and dance. Head back to school and dance this year feeling refreshed, inspired and maybe even a little bit stylish, with these tips from a few Só Dança ambassadors.

  7. HSFD x SD Partnership + Capsule Collection Release

    HSFD x SD Partnership + Capsule Collection Release

    High Strung Free Dance and SóDança have created a collection with a cause.  Só Dança is beyond thrilled to announce our collaboration with the movie High Strung Free Dance!

  8. Tap History 101

    Tap History 101

    We embody the culturally rich heritage of tap by endorsing some key figures like Derick Grant and Aaron Tolson. This duo has and continues to work closely together on a variety of tremendous projects. Derick is a staple Só Dança ambassador that rose to prominence in 1996.  Grant’s success as a tap dancer and choreographer has lead him to work all around the world with esteemed artists gracing the stage with his rhythm, swag, and style. Aaron Tolson, too, is an admired tap dancer. Tolson has been mastering his craft since 1986 and is currently the assistant choreographer, co-creator and assistant producer of Imagine Tap! Both Grant and Tolson have played an immense role in the creation of Imagine Tap!

  9. Fashion Fever Has Set In... Again

    Fashion Fever Has Set In... Again

    Color, like dance, evokes an emotional experience. The way color can inspire, bring joy, or even disturb is fascinating. It forces you to feel something. It moves you deep within. These are the fascinations that inspire us every time we put together a collection. Here is a quick glance at some of the standouts of the 2019 Fashion Volume 2 collection.  These and many more are available exclusively right now at your local dancer store.  Color, movement, dance.

  10. In The Spotlight: So Dancer Madison Penney

    In The Spotlight: So Dancer Madison Penney

    Over time, dancing can feel like a grind.  The repetition, perfectionism and the massive amount of hours can be a soul sucker. But, it is the JOY of dance that truly drives dancers to continue training at such a pace for so many years. It takes more than just great physical strength to be a good dancer. It also takes dedication, a strong work ethic, artistry, and an undying passion and humility.  In other words, a very strong soul.


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