1. How these guys keep fit and confident

    How these guys keep fit and confident

    Looking good and feeling good often go hand in hand. If you feel comfortable and secure in what you’re wearing and how you look, then that translates to a more positive, confident mindset. And who doesn’t want to feel cool and confident?!

  2. Innovative Retailers: The Dance Shop

    Innovative Retailers:  The Dance Shop

    “I took the road less traveled by / and it has made all the difference,” wrote Robert Frost. The dance world, by and large, values ingenuity and originality. Might this translate to various business sectors within the dance world, such as retail?

    We can at least say that select Só Dança retailers, across the USA, are demonstrating intriguing innovation and creativity - in business model, product presentation, customer/client engagement and more.

  3. It's Diana Pombo

    It's Diana Pombo

    Everyday she spent on World of Dance “was like living a dream,” said So Dancer and celebrity dancer Diana Pombo. Season 1 of the show only included dancers that had been given an invitation.

    This invitation in turn allowed for an in-person audition for the show. Imagine how 11-year-old Diana felt when she received the invite. That moment alone was a dream come true, everything else that followed felt like a fairytale.

  4. Brittany Cavaco is ‘The Ballerina’

    Brittany Cavaco is ‘The Ballerina’

    Brittany Cavaco is the ballerina.  No, really. On Instagram, she is The Ballerina (@TheBallerina), and with over 200,000 followers of course. But beyond the Instagram handle, she is a stunning dancer, an inspiring role model, a hard worker and a spokesperson for being true to yourself and finding happiness in your body.

    The professional ballerina (she is a demi-soloist with Ballet Theatre of Maryland) is not only a performer; she is also a Pilates instructor and business student at Northeastern University. In addition, she is an ambassador for popular dancewear brand Só Dança. She certainly knows how to ‘wow’ a crowd.

    Here, we get to know a little more about The Ballerina.

  5. From Dreams to Reality: The Só Dança Story

    From Dreams to Reality: The Só Dança Story

    Só Dança is a story of love. Love for the art of dance, the beauty of design, and the heart of all dancers. And it started with a dream.


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