The Pointe of Reinvention

The Pointe of Reinvention

After three years, more than 300 failed trials and a group of about 15 professionals, a new era in pointe shoes is born.

“Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm”

- Winston Churchill


If all limitations were removed, what would be the features of the perfect pointe shoe?  Lisias Ransan, Só Dança’s CEO met with some of his key pointe shoe destination retail store friends come up with a solution.  Together they discussed the dream pointe shoe.


Very similar to the Marie Kondo’s “Method of Decluttering,” we analyzed and agreed on pieces and practices that did not bring them joy in the regular pointe shoe.  That approach affected the whole shoe from the intricacy of the materials, to producing, selling and particularly to wearing it.  The team then innovated it all by changing, updating and minimizing it, ultimately creating a revolutionary new pointe shoe.


The idea was a shoe that is ready to wear, the break-in process is no longer necessary, it is a minimalist shoe as it does not have any side seams or drawstrings, the heel will never bag.  If that was not enough, we are set out to minimize injury with the way that the shoe is produced.  Truly revolutionary.



When you think about pointe shoe from a retailer’s perspective, you will have to know that there are many sizes, widths and shanks.  A retailer, in order to have one size run of 1 type of pointe shoe, they will need to order at least 150 pairs and that will give them a slim inventory of 1 pair of each variation.  We solved this retail problem. One pair equals 10 pair of a regular pointe shoe as the shank is customizable. It will be the first time where an end consumer will be able to successfully customize their shoe to their needs.   The dancer will even have the ability to customize each foot if they would like.

This one shoe can be used as a demi-pointe shoe, and depending upon what type of variation, class, etc., the dancer is participating in they may require a harder or softer shank.

To further the customization, it has heat responsive properties that allow for manipulation. By warming the shank with a heat source it will mold to the precise manner and desired shape retaining its new found memory.


Beauty From All Angles

BE and AE

In case you are not yet convinced that the history of pointe shoe is forever changed, head over to our information page HERE for more information, images, FAQs and soon videos. 

Join Só Dança in celebrating the future and experience the next generation of pointe shoe.

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