In The Spotlight: So Dancer Madison Penney

In The Spotlight: So Dancer Madison Penney

Over time, dancing can feel like a grind.  The repetition, perfectionism and the massive amount of hours can be a soul sucker. But, it is the JOY of dance that truly drives dancers to continue training at such a pace for so many years. It takes more than just great physical strength to be a good dancer. It also takes dedication, a strong work ethic, artistry, and an undying passion and humility.  In other words, a very strong soul.

Só Dança created the So Dancer program with the intention of shining a spotlight on these devoted dancers. We fully understand the commitment, dedication and the tradeoffs that these pre professional dancers and their families go through.  Só Dança wants to fully support them in any way we can, whether it be encouragement, connections, financially, added exposure or all the above.

Recently we sat down with 14-years-old So Dancer, Madison Penney,  from Mesa, AZ. She dances at Master Ballet Academy, Arizona’s premier Ballet School. She trains in multiple styles of dance such as ballet, contemporary, jazz, broadway, character, and flamenco. Her love for dance is as contagious as her heart for others.  We are so proud to have her in the So Dancer community.

Maddy is wearing RDE-1876 available now in stores only.

Madison, what would you say is the hardest thing about being a dancer?

The fact that nothing is ever done. There is always something to work on and the hard work never ends. No matter how good you are, you can always get better and learn more.

What do you enjoy most about dance?

The thing I love about dance is that it frees me from everything else that is going on in my life and in the world. I love working hard and being challenged. I also love seeing my hard work pay off. There is no better feeling than dancing, and it is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

What does it mean to you to be a So Dancer?

I’m so grateful and honored to be a So Dancer. I get to represent this amazing brand with all kinds of amazing products. It was one of my dreams to be able to represent Só Dança, and now I am. So, it’s a dream come true.

What is it that you like about the Só Dança brand?

Só Dança is a great company because of all of the amazing products. Everything is made with amazing quality.  Besides the actual products, I’m so thankful for all the support Só Dança provides me.

Describe your role as a So Dancer.

One of my roles as a So Dancer is to get to wear all of the great Só Dança products and share them on social media. As if that isn’t enough, that has opened new doors for me to inspire dancers all over the world, which I hope I do. I also hope that Só Dança gets all the love and support they deserve.

What are some of your favorite Só Dança products?

They’re all so amazing, but so far my favorites are the ballet shoes, tights, leotards, and warm ups.

Who are the professional dancers you look up to the most?

As a young dancer I am inspired by Lana Salenko, Natalia Osipova, and Svetlana Zakharova. I love watching them dance because they put so much into their dancing and yet somehow make it look so easy. Their technique, artistry, and passion is what I’m inspired by most.

Maddy is wearing RDE-1876 available now in stores only.

Finally, Madison, tell us about your goals and dreams as a dancer.

My goals and dreams as a dancer are to travel around the world to inspire many people with my dancing. I would also like to compete at International Ballet Competitions to show my talent to the ballet world. My dream is to become a Principal Ballerina at the Royal Ballet in London. For now I am going to continue to train my hardest, stay humble, and hope my future will be bright

You’re definitely a light in the dance world, Madison!  Keep living your dream, we are proud to support you in it!

Follow Madison @maddy.pen and all of our So Dancers on Instagram @so_dancers_



Maddy is wearing RDE-1889 available now in stores only.

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