Juliet Doherty shares her COVID-19 routine

Juliet Doherty shares her COVID-19 routine

Perhaps one thing that is comforting about being quarantined at home, with this pause on regular life, is that everyone is in the same boat. Even the greatest dancers in the world are doing ballet barres at their kitchen counter. Everyone has had to find a way to adjust.

We wanted to see how one of our favorite dance artists, Juliet Doherty, has been coping during COVID-19. Doherty is a two-time gold medalist at the Youth America Grand Prix and is an international guest artist. She most recently starred as Lise in a regional production of the Tony Award-winning musical, An American in Paris. And the dancer-actress is well known for her leading roles in films High Strung: Free Dance and Driven to Dance.

Here’s how she’s been keeping fit and motivated during this time.

Where are you quarantined right now? What's your 'home studio' set-up?

“I’m currently quarantined in northern New Mexico. I’m extremely lucky to have had a barre welded and nailed to the wall in the living room!”

How are you staying in tip top shape during this time?

“I’ve continued with my yoga practice, ballet barre, contemporary, improv and the occasional livestream with friends in fitness. For nutrition, I’ve reconnected with the joy of cooking all my meals at home (baking a bit, too).”

What are your tips for dancers for staying motivated and inspiried during this time?

“For me, inspiration is always sparked by watching others. If I need motivation to get moving, I’ll typically watch videos of my favorite artists and set an attainable goal for the day.”

Have you picked up any new habits during this quarantine time?

“I’ve picked up running for the first time in my life. I’m loving it! I’ve been painting and drawing a lot and playing guitar. Figuring out how to navigate dance in a virtual space is a daily occurrence.”

What have been some of your favorite classes to take at home?

“I’ve been enjoying the various classes on the L.A. Dance Project app and having fun teaming up with my mum for virtual master classes.”

Any other advice for staying in shape during this time?

“Have fun, and use your imagination! Staying in shape doesn’t have to require a ton of time either. It’s really easy to work up a sweat by putting on your favorite song in the morning and dancing around for 10 minutes. I usually start my day like this with a matcha, and it helps me get energized for the day.”

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