From Dreams to Reality: The Só Dança Story

From Dreams to Reality: The Só Dança Story

Só Dança is a story of love. Love for the art of dance, the beauty of design, and the heart of all dancers. And it started with a dream.

How it Started

The Teixeira Araujo family had aspirations of opening two Só Dança stores in São Paulo, Brazil. That dream came true in the mid 1980s; the love and popularity of Só Dança products grew. They were more than retail stores--they were two places where dancers could support local business and where the dance community could come together.

To maintain the demands and meet industry standards, Só Dança opened its own factory in 1986 where the bodywear was manufactured. Just three years later, production was transferred to Osvaldo Cruz, a municipality within São Paulo, where artisans and technicians started designing and creating Só Dança footwear.

Só Dança USA is Born

Over the next 15 years, Só Dança’s popularity created a global demand. Distributor partnerships were established in countries around the world including the USA and Canada. Lisias Ransan and his family moved to the United States, carrying on the Só Dança dream by putting everything on the line to chase growth for Só Dança USA.

Equipped with a small line of dance footwear and a 1,000 square foot warehouse, Lisias’ team set out to provide more than dance apparel and footwear. They sought to be a light in the dance community and to be known as the company that has a heart for dancers.

So Danca

Innovators in the Dance Community

In 2008, the company opened a new design and manufacturing establishment in the Dominican Republic to meet the demands of an ever growing clientele. This meant greater production and more innovation for Só Dança worldwide.

So Dança became the first manufacturer of ballet flats that replaced traditional drawstrings with elastic casing.

They revolutionized the industry design standards to become the most sought after shoes on the market. The radical replacement of the draw-cord to elastic gave stretch and recovery as the foot moves through various positions, and dancers loved it. Só Dança was pushing the limits of design and we were not about to stop. 

New Year, New Ideas

Pushing the Boundaries of Our Brand

Só Dança was also bold with their marketing. In 2014, Só Dança was thrust front and center with an ingenious campaign using powder. It was unconventional. The campaign stood out from all others in the industry, and suddenly sleeping competitors woke up to the fact that  Só Dança was playing to win.  We had to live up to the hype they had created, and they were ready. 

We began working with top dancers in the industry that became signature ambassadors of the Só Dança brand. At the same time, we never forgot the next generation of dancers that were working so hard to be noticed and respected. Só Dança started an online community of So Dancers that look up to one another as they pushed the limits of dance.

The Wonder of Dance
The Wonder of Dance

We are Always in Motion

Today, Só Dança is proud to expand our family to include top international dancers, ballet companies and business owners all over the world.  Só Dança’s mission, every day, is to deliver excellence in service and products with an innovative spirit, servicing everyone who is passionate about the art of dance. 

We are constantly inspired and humbled by our interactions with top ballet companies, international artists, aspiring professionals, and business owners. instructors, and business owners. Só Dança has the utmost passion and respect for dancers. We will continue to expand, revolutionize, inspire and adapt as a leader within the dance industry.

So Danca
So Danca
So Danca

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