So Danca Spotlight: Victoria Caban

So Danca Spotlight:  Victoria Caban

At just 16 Victoria Caban is a dance icon. Known for her beautiful Flamanco dancing on NBC's World of Dance as well as her impressive hip hop moves.  She is a passionate dancer with a bright future ! To learn all about this amazing So Dancer read on...

1. Your name and Social media channels

Instagram: @victoriacaban 
Twitter: @victoriacabann

2. Are you with a school, company or have any exciting performances coming up?

I am currently training at two studios. Kozmic  Edge, and New Jersey Dance Fusion. In about two months or so we will be competing at an international hip hop competition competing against some of the best hip hop dance groups in the world.

3. When did you start dancing and why?

I started dancing at the age of 9. As a little girl, my grandmother always influenced music in our lives. She would always play music around the house while sweeping, washing dishes, and even folding our laundry. Until one day she was no longer with us I’ve decided to carry on her love for music through dance. She’s inspired me to express who I am through movement. I would always dance around the house and play dress up and pretend I was an artist. One day I hope to become one to make her proud and happy.

4. What do you love about So Danca and why does So Danca stand out among other dance brands?

What I love the most about So Danca is the people. At all times I feel welcomed and so comfortable to be my crazy self! lol. Just like their clothes I feel safe, comfortable, and self confidence around them!

5. If you could tell your younger self some advice what would it be?

If I could tell my younger self some advice it would be to never be apologetic for being who I am! I am crazy, outgoing, and a weirdo. being normal is boring :) Dance away

6. What are your favorite So Danca products?

Some of my favorite So Danca products are the High Waisted shimmer leggings, Lotus Be Friends Wide Front Open Bra Top with Fancy Back, and the Black Adult Long Sleeve Dance Top (SMxSD) in Black. :)

7. What is your dream role / performance / choreographer / company to work with?

My dream role is to become a professional dancer, and dance for some of my favorite artists I have many to name JLo, Ariana Grande, Joaquin Cortes I’ve always pictured myself dancing in front of a huge crowd in a stadium Madison Square Garden in NYC, and Staples arena in LA with one of my idols I look up to. I will continue to pray and believe one day it will all come to reality.  (Dreams Do Come True) 


8. Do you have any other hobbies outside of dance?

Besides dancing I also love to sing. When I was younger I used to play karaoke and sing my favorite Disney songs. My all time favorite song I would sing was “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus. Sometimes I would even feel like I was the artist

9. What is one really special moment or memory from your dance career so far?

Since I love dance so much every single moment is special for me, even those days of training where we would sweat galore! If I had to choose one it would be when I was given the opportunity to dance on NBC’s World Of Dance. That experience was a really special moment in my life because I got the chance to meet some of the most dopest dancers ever, and to dance in front of Jennifer Lopez aka one of my idols!


10. Have you had to endure any hardships or setbacks in your dance career?

Everywhere you go there will always be hardships and setbacks. When I first started dancing there were things said about me how I shouldn’t have had two solos my very first competition, but since my teachers saw something in me they pushed me to better myself from a younger age. I just stay positive and always focus on ways I can become a better person/dancer.

11. What is your favorite food?

My favorite food is my moms home made baked Mac and Cheese!

12. Can’t live without ____?

My Mom, Dance, Family, Music, and my Headphones!

13. Favorite dance move?

 My favorite dance move would have to be “the snap”

14. Fun Fact?

Fun Fact about me is I have had more than three colors in my hair!

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