STANDING OUT ON-SCREEN - Virtual audition season style and tips

STANDING OUT ON-SCREEN - Virtual audition season style and tips


Just because cattle calls are out of the question right now doesn’t mean it isn’t audition season. While auditions have been trending toward online submissions in past years, this year it’s the only way to go. Now, instead of standing out in a room jam-packed with dancers, the trick is how to make your self-tape stand out from so many submissions. Aside from learning the ins and outs of shooting, lighting and editing video, one simple step to putting your best foot forward is still the same: wear what makes you feel good.

Often in auditions, we’re worried about hiding our not-so-favorite features. But that’s backward! Wouldn’t you rather spend that energy showing off your strengths? Auditions are about sharing what you’ve got to offer, and one great way to remind ourselves to do that is by wearing something that accentuates what we love about ourselves. That’s all the more important now as we shift toward digital submissions and virtual auditions. You want the most you to come through that screen as possible.

When it comes to audition leos, Só Dança has you covered. Eye-catching without being too distracting for auditioning, here are some options that can help you find and flaunt what you love about your dancing.

Do you pride yourself on ethereal elegance? Are you soft and sweet? A floral touch on the upper body might accent an expressive port de bras. Available in tones from burgundy to sweet-pea green and lots in between, check out these gorgeous floral styles.

With spice and flair, Kitri is your specialty. Intricate lace netting over the bodice, a mesh cut-out in the upper back, and cami style straps to underline your epaulé, this v-neck leotard lends drama and attitude to every step.

Hello, fellow powerhouses! Clean cut lines and a fit that frames our structure is a must for us. This stunning, dramatic leotard shows off your athleticism without feeling boxy or plain. Ribbed accent panels and mesh cut-outs on the back mean you look strong and stylish all at once.

Is simplicity your secret weapon? Sure, your leg can go higher in your arabesque, but you’ve got the control to keep it at a perfect 90°. If precision and placement are your forte, the classic cami cut leotard is a staple for a reason. With the textured mesh, and a crossed or v-cut back, you’ve got subtle details that take your simplicity to sophistication.

Some old-school auditioners require their dancers to wear black. But a black leotard doesn’t have to be boring. Fierce mesh patterns can liven up a standard leo, and bring a little personality while keeping it professional. Case in point, tasteful tiger stripes.


Head over HERE for even more options. And don’t forget, auditions are about flaunting what you love about yourself and how you move, not covering up what you don’t.


Cover photo: Noe Leilani, photo by Nylda Beatriz Photography