Style tips for staying warm but looking cool

Style tips for staying warm but looking cool

Spring is nearly here, with the days growing longer and warmer. But there are surprise chilly mornings, and studios can be extra nippy from aggressive air conditioning. For months like these, layering is your friend! Still, these transitional times are tricky to navigate when it comes to dancewear in the studio and theater. Fortunately, we’ve complied a list of some of our favorite Só Dança pieces to get you through – and make your style transitions as seamless as your dance ones.

#1. Nylon warmup bootie

These basics work inside the studio and on the street – making them a great addition to a long dance day. Your feet will stay warm and dry due to the water resistant outer layer, and they fit over your ballet shoes! With pink, lilac and black options, you have some cool choices to freshen up your footwear.

#2. Ballet leg warmers

Leg warmers have been a studio staple for years, and there’s a good reason why. This classic style hits just below the knee, keeping those calves toasty, and the leg warmers have a convenient heel cut-out so you don’t slip and slide all over the floor. Remember, leg warmers aren’t only for the studio – they pair well with some cute boots and a long sweater once the day is done.

#3. Adult warm-up fleece sweater

There’s nothing like a cozy layer to start the day, or to stay warm between rehearsals and class. Not only does fleece keep that heat in, but also the cut of this piece allows you to check your line due to its shorter front hem. And with a sweet hoodie, this pullover has everything you need. Throw on a pair of leggings after your dance day, and you’re ready for the street!

#4. Adult stirrup warm-up pants

When you want to feel warm and cozy, but also want to check your dance lines, pull on these sleek knitted pants so you can do both. With a customizable roll down waist that ties, as well as heel cut-outs, you have everything you need to move your best. They double as street wear leggings, too, so you can save space in your dance bag.

#5. Ballet full body warm-up overalls

Sometimes you want your warm-ups to be all-in-one, and these simple overalls deliver. Pull them on over your leo and tights for a clean and classic ballet line – all while staying warm and supple. With four colors offered, you have options to match any style of leotard. If you like to feel super warm but also value a classical appearance, these are for you.

As dancers, we have a lot to carry: dance clothes, street clothes, shoes, snacks, water – so lighten your load with pieces that serve as both dance wear and street wear. Who knows? You might just be able to fit everything into one bag.

  1. Nylon Warmup Bootie
    Nylon Warmup Bootie
  1. Ballet Leg Warmers (SMxSD)
    Ballet Leg Warmers (SMxSD)
  1. Adult Warm-Up Fleece Long Sleeve Sweater
    Adult Warm-Up Fleece Long Sleeve Sweater
    Special Price $28.60 Regular Price $44.00
  1. Ballet Full Body Warm Up Overalls (SMxSD)
    Ballet Full Body Warm Up Overalls (SMxSD)
    Special Price $44.80 Regular Price $64.00
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