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  1. What every tap dancer should know

    What every tap dancer should know

    At some point in a dancer’s training, whether they are four years old or 14, tap has probably made an appearance. Even if it was just a question of “What is tap class like?” or “Should I try to take a tap class?”, there is no mistaking the curiosity or want to indulge in what has been a staple in the dance community for years. While some may be on the fence with tap, there are a select few who catch the tap bug and want more. There are so many outlets at a dancer’s disposal when it comes to tap dance, but how can we ensure that we are getting the best training, gaining performance experience and using the best shoes possible? Dance Informa talks to So Dancer Jabu Graybeal and Só Dança Ambassador Aaron Tolson about what key things tap dancers should know to equip themselves for a successful career.


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