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  1. Trinys athleisure line

    Trinys athleisure line

    You all know that Só Dança is a well-known brand for high quality, fashionable dancewear and dance shoes. But now, Só Dança will expand its offerings to even more people (lucky them!), with its new fitness line, Trinys. And who doesn’t need a good pair of leggings and a cute top for their workout?

  2. Style tips for staying warm but looking cool

    Style tips for staying warm but looking cool

    Spring is nearly here, with the days growing longer and warmer. But there are surprise chilly mornings, and studios can be extra nippy from aggressive air conditioning. For months like these, layering is your friend! Still, these transitional times are tricky to navigate when it comes to dancewear in the studio and theater. Fortunately, we’ve complied a list of some of our favorite Só Dança pieces to get you through – and make your style transitions as seamless as your dance ones.

  3. New Year, New Me

    New Year, New Me

    A new year provides an opportunity for new beginnings, especially for dancers. It’s a time to try new things in class and experiment with your look. But that doesn’t mean you have to throw out everything in your closet! Start the new year off fresh and looking fabulous with these tips for spicing up the dancewear you have and adding some fun new pieces.

  4. Fashion Fever Has Set In... Again

    Fashion Fever Has Set In... Again

    Color, like dance, evokes an emotional experience. The way color can inspire, bring joy, or even disturb is fascinating. It forces you to feel something. It moves you deep within. These are the fascinations that inspire us every time we put together a collection. Here is a quick glance at some of the standouts of the 2019 Fashion Volume 2 collection.  These and many more are available exclusively right now at your local dancer store.  Color, movement, dance.

  5. Brittany Cavaco is ‘The Ballerina’

    Brittany Cavaco is ‘The Ballerina’

    Brittany Cavaco is the ballerina.  No, really. On Instagram, she is The Ballerina (@TheBallerina), and with over 200,000 followers of course. But beyond the Instagram handle, she is a stunning dancer, an inspiring role model, a hard worker and a spokesperson for being true to yourself and finding happiness in your body.

    The professional ballerina (she is a demi-soloist with Ballet Theatre of Maryland) is not only a performer; she is also a Pilates instructor and business student at Northeastern University. In addition, she is an ambassador for popular dancewear brand Só Dança. She certainly knows how to ‘wow’ a crowd.

    Here, we get to know a little more about The Ballerina.


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