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  1. Dancewear Corner: Doing well and doing good

    Dancewear Corner: Doing well and doing good

    It’s a ubiquitous question in business – can one do well and do good? In other words, can businesses grow, make some sort of profit and make a notable positive difference in surrounding communities and the world? Dancewear Corner (DWC) of Orlando, FL, offering “everything a dancer needs in one place,” is one business that has managed to do both. The dancewear store (and Só Dança retailer), through its DWC Gives Back Program, offers scholarships, dancewear/supplies, goods to auction off for silent auctions and more – all in working toward ensuring that any person who wants to reach their dance dreams has the resources to do so.

  2. Innovative Retailers: The Dance Shop

    Innovative Retailers:  The Dance Shop

    “I took the road less traveled by / and it has made all the difference,” wrote Robert Frost. The dance world, by and large, values ingenuity and originality. Might this translate to various business sectors within the dance world, such as retail?

    We can at least say that select Só Dança retailers, across the USA, are demonstrating intriguing innovation and creativity - in business model, product presentation, customer/client engagement and more.


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