Drica Child Dress - RDE1737 Lt Grey / 8-10 $18.00
Drica Child Dress - RDE1737
Drica Child Dress - RDE1737

Drica Child Dress - RDE1737

Child Warmup Shirt Dress

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Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to be swept away by the ballet shirt dress, the perfect blend of elegance and ease that's as graceful as a swan gliding across a moonlit lake and as comfortable as a Sunday morning in your PJs. This dress is like a love letter to ballet itself, a beautiful fusion of the classic ballet aesthetic and the carefree spirit of casual wear. It's as if a tutu and your favorite oversized t-shirt had a fashion baby, and this dress was the adorable result.

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  • Fleece
  • For adult size, see Dricana Dress - RDE1736
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