Teachers are the backbone of the industry.

Behind every great dancer, is an even better teacher.


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We not only have over 15 shades of tights to match everyone's shade of nude but we also have multiple shades of ballet flats, turners, jazz shoes and pointe shoes!!!    As a global leader in quality dancewear, we pride ourselves in serving the ENTIRE dance community.

Só Dança will continue to think about our studio owners, teachers and dancers as we develop even more products.


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Over the past few years, Só Dança has been tirelessly perfecting new technology that helps reduce injury and outlasts the long-established paper maché pointe shoes. With innovative engineering that respects past tradition, Elektra Tech provides comfort and safety like never before. With an interchangeable shank system that uses a resilient housing, dancers will be able to customize their shoes for each foot, variation, or situation.



Só Dança proudly offers the ability to customize ANY Studio Line items with your logo. It can be either embroidered or stamped in silicone.

Mixing simplicity with elegance at the right prices offered every day. We’ve worked with our team to offer fun styles you can depend on and dancers can feel confident in.

You design it. We make it. Delivered in 6-8 weeks.

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We love to engage with our community and have you be a part of the process.  By visiting your local dance retailer, you give them valuable information about what your dancers need.

Small businesses helping small businesses!

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