Apollo - RDE2638 Black-Navy-LtGray / M $56.40
Apollo - RDE2638
Apollo - RDE2638
Apollo - RDE2638

Apollo - RDE2638

Men's Ballet Biketard with Zipper

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Picture yourself in this remarkable biketard, and suddenly, you're the secret agent of dance, ready to perform thrilling feats with style. The streamlined design, reminiscent of a cycling outfit, is like a high-tech costume that lets you move with the agility and precision of a dance superhero. But this isn't just any dancewear; it's a statement of sophistication and power. The biketard showcases your physique and adds a modern edge to your dance ensemble, making you look as if you've stepped straight out of a high-class ballet thriller.


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  • Light®
  • Made in Brazil

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