Summer Intensive Guide for Ballet Dancers

Summer is here and that means Summer Intensives are around the corner. For many dancers, this means leaving home for the first time and being in an all new dance setting - new teachers, different studios, new friends!

It's an exciting time filled with so much possibility, but the key to success is preparation.

Confidence in the studio is a priority, and wearing dancewear that makes you feel good is crucial. It’s also important to be fully stocked up before you go – make sure you have extras of emergency items like shoes or tights.

We asked 4 of our So Dancers to share their top picks on essentials to bring with you to make sure you're ready. Here’s what they recommend to help you feel prepared and confident:

1. Leotards: Many summer courses require specific leotard styles or colors, so be sure to look at what is suggested for the school you'll attend. Bianca Vezzali has attended ballet programs all around the world - including the prestigious Princess Grace Academy in Monte Carlo. Her must-have leotards are the Flametta Leotard - SL114, A camisole leotard with a pinch front, and a pinched low back for a timeless look. Editta - SL116, an elegant tank leotard with a pinch front and U-cut back. And the Lynn - SL19, a simple strappy leotard with gorgeous princess seams down the front. She has all of these leotards in Black.

2. Tights: Tights are a must-have no matter where you go. And a fresh pair of tights is always a good idea. It's best to have a pair for each day of the week that you dance, leaving time to do laundry and always have a clean pair. Jenna Potvin, now a professional ballet dancer, has worn Só Dança tights for years! She loves the soft, hand knit waist band and the numerous color options (even for pink!). Her personal favorites are TS100 - Mock Seam Tights - a convertible pair with a seam down the back for a classic professional look.

3. Shoes: At most Summer Intensives, they offer a variety of classes that could include technique, pointe, variations, character, contemporary, and jazz. Katarina Carney will attend American Ballet Theatre's summer program this year, and some of her must have shoes to bring are her favorite Diamond Ballet Shoes - SD140, Java Jazz Shoes - JZ43, and Celine Character Shoes - CH50.


4. Dance Bag Essentials: Being away from home, it's important to be stocked up on those 'just-in-case' essentials. Noe Lynds will attend both The Rock School for Dance Education and San Francisco Ballet Summer Programs. Her must-haves for her dance bag are our Sew What? Stitch Kit - ST01, Stretch Ribbons - AC18, and the Footsie Roll massage balls - AC26.


With these expert tips and being fully stocked, you’ll be well-equipped to feel confident and prepared for your summer intensives!