Tradition meets technology

The expansion of the customizable pointe shoe continues.
Designed with every dancer in mind. This is where technology and tradition meet.

Just put them on and dance!

• More durability
• Greater balance en pointe
• Perfect adherence to the arch
• Elastic drawstring with side adjustment
• Interchangeable shank versatility
• Elegant, comfortable, light and very quiet
• Ease of demi-pointe roll-through
• Favors pirouettes and stability of the footon the floor
• Toe levelers and extenders for perfect adjustment inside the box

Featuring traditional exterior materials, with a completely revamped interior.

Alina I

Low vamp, for shorter toes.


Alina II

High vamp, for long toes



Included in each box you will see a few colorful shanks and some other items. Here is what that is all about.

Featuring fully vegan advanced materials on the inside and outside.


Vegan materials, low vamp for shorter toes


Joy II

Vegan materials, higher vamp for longer toes