Joffrey Ballet School Trainee Program - Technique class, Pointe & Variations, Performance Studies


      Welcome to Joffrey Ballet School's Trainee Program uniform selection page. Please pay attention and only purchase the following color choices for the products listed. 

      Female-identifying Dancers:

      Leotard Color: Black (No halter leotards)

      Tights Color: Pink or Skin Toned (under the leotard and covering legs and feet completely)

      Ballet Slippers:  Light Pink or Skin Toned

      Skirt: Black (You may wear skirts only to Pointe class and Performance Studies)

      Dancers of color may wear skin toned tights and slippers to match as close to the student’s natural skin tone as possible.

      • Dancers should have their hair in a bun with a hair net.
      • Absolutely no jewelry of any kind may be worn in class.
      • Nails must be kept short to avoid injury.

      Male-identifying students: 

      T-shirt: White

      Tights: Black or White with matching socks

      Ballet Slippers: Black

      • Dancers should have hair secured in a ponytail if it is below the collar line.
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