As an artist and an athlete, you expect your body to do the almost-impossible. Só Dança understands these demands and ALSO pushes boundaries to create the perfect marriage of tradition and technology.

With this, Elektra Tech was born!



Over the past few years, Só Dança has been tirelessly perfecting new technology that helps reduce injury and outlasts the long-established paper maché pointe shoes. With innovative engineering that respects past tradition, Elektra Tech provides comfort and safety like never before. With an interchangeable shank system that uses a resilient housing, you will be able to customize your shoes for each foot, variation, or situation.


Joy II

Designed for the dancer with a Greek or Egyptian foot, Joy II is wider through the metatarsals and tapered through the toes. The ample platform provides stability en pointe while the shank-housing and box construction allow for a beautiful roll-through. Soft wings provide support through the metatarsals and create a beautifully smooth look through the toes. Joy II offers full coverage for those dancers needing a higher vamp.


For dancers looking for a similar profile to Joy II but need a lower vamp, Alegria is the perfect choice. This style offers the same features as Joy II but allows dancers with shorter toes the ability to roll-through demi-pointe properly and get completely over their box.

Fun fact, Alegria means Joy in Portuguese.


Let's get to the POINTE. And a bunch of other puns that we are sure you will love. Elektra Tech started as a shoe and evolved to so much more. Check it out.

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