1. Right to the pointe: A shoe education

    Right to the pointe: A shoe education

    Your students have been asking, and you’ve finally approved some of them to start their pointe training. It’s certainly an exciting time for them – and you (aren’t you proud?!) – but it’s also a crucial time. You want to help start them off on the right foot, and that means guiding them and giving them resources for finding their proper shoe. 

    It’s okay if you’re not completely up-to-date on the latest pointe shoe technologies and brands; that’s what we’re here for! But helping your students find the shoes that are right for their feet is imperative to their alignment, their experience and their future. So read on for some insight and tips to impart to your students!

  2. New Year, New Me

    New Year, New Me

    A new year provides an opportunity for new beginnings, especially for dancers. It’s a time to try new things in class and experiment with your look. But that doesn’t mean you have to throw out everything in your closet! Start the new year off fresh and looking fabulous with these tips for spicing up the dancewear you have and adding some fun new pieces.

  3. Dancewear Corner: Doing well and doing good

    Dancewear Corner: Doing well and doing good

    It’s a ubiquitous question in business – can one do well and do good? In other words, can businesses grow, make some sort of profit and make a notable positive difference in surrounding communities and the world? Dancewear Corner (DWC) of Orlando, FL, offering “everything a dancer needs in one place,” is one business that has managed to do both. The dancewear store (and Só Dança retailer), through its DWC Gives Back Program, offers scholarships, dancewear/supplies, goods to auction off for silent auctions and more – all in working toward ensuring that any person who wants to reach their dance dreams has the resources to do so.

  4. So Dancer Spotlight: Jabu Graybeal

    So Dancer Spotlight: Jabu Graybeal

    Our incredibly talented tap dancer and So Dancer Jabu, born and raised in North Carolina and now tapping/taking over the world with his contagious smile.  Jabu’s Instagram handle is appropriately @jabuworld as he has collected more stamps on his passport than most of us will in our lifetime.  From France, Turkey, Russia, Czech, Italy to Romania and more!  We could not be more proud of Jabu’s accomplishments and love his spirit and drive.  We can always count on a good time and incredible performance with Jabu as his talent is OUT OF THIS WORLD.  Here is a fun rapid fire with the man himself.

  5. Meet an inspiration: Evan Ruggiero

    Meet an inspiration:  Evan Ruggiero

    Whether riffing with musicians on a concert stage or percussively punctuating the last notes he belted out in a musical, Evan Ruggiero is taking the tap world by storm. One of Dance Magazine’s “25 to Watch” for 2019, and a Só Dança Ambassador, he has performed on The Ellen Show, Broadway Under the Stars and the 2018 Oscars, just to name a few. Ruggiero is a cancer survivor, whose battle forced him to have his leg amputated, but he didn’t let this slow him down. His fast and furious footwork are a testament to hard work and perseverance.

  6. Fall in Love with Fashion

    Fall in Love with Fashion

    Fall is that glorious time of year where there is a chill in the air, the leaves are changing, and nutcracker music is on repeat. It is also a time where our wardrobe changes to warm, snuggly clothes. Not only does our streetwear transform but also our in studio fashion. Take a peek at our featured fashion picks to see if you too will fall in love with our trendy styles.



    We have exclusively launched our fall 2019 “Sweets” collection offering up a variety of indulgent prints. The new drop encompasses all of your favorite types of sweets:  ice cream, donuts, and lollipops! You are in for a treat!

  8. Partnering up with American Dance Movement

    Partnering up with American Dance Movement

    Só Dança has always supported American Dance Movement and their mission.  With our recent sponsorship to the High Strung Free Dance film (coming soon to a theater near you on October 11th), both HSFD and Só Dança  are dedicated to making dance accessible to the widest possible public. We share a love and passion for outreach.  As a way to give back to the dance community we came up with a fabulous CAPSULE COLLECTION.

  9. The Fantastic Factory

    The Fantastic Factory

    Have you ever tried to view the world in the eyes of a child?  If not, you should! Children always see life in the most pure, positive and “fantastical” way.  It is the best way to look at life through the eyes of a child.

    That is exactly what Só Dança did!  Our team put on their thinking caps to envision how a youngster might fantasize our shoe factory to be like.  Put on your whimsical colored glasses and take a tour into the Só Dança magical shoe factory with us.

  10. Só Dança Spotlight: Tia Wenkman

    Só Dança Spotlight: Tia Wenkman

    Recently we sat down with So Dancer Tia Wenkman to uncover more of who she is and what dance means to her. Tia is 16-years-old and is originally from a small town in Wisconsin called Waunakee, located outside the capital city of Madison, Wisconsin. She has been training for the last two years in Arizona at Master Ballet Academy and is presently dancing at the Royal Ballet School in London. Although she enjoys many different styles of dance, her specialty is classical and contemporary ballet.


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