Earth Without ART is "Eh"

From beginning to end, from seed to stage, we care deeply about each step. You might be surprised to find out how sustainably and responsibly our dancewear and dance shoes are made.  Even little things, like how there are fish living in purified water we use to tan leather so that the discharge has a positive effect on the environment.  Or how we find used for our scraps, creating products like key chains and scrunchies to use up as much left over material as possible.

Since the very beginning our goal has always been to make things that improve your life, with the best quality, the most useful, and the most responsible.  We are incredibly proud of our factory and our workers that help us carry out this goal.

We are always looking for ways to improve.  We value and are aware of our impact on the world and seek to improve it.  From the lives of the dancers and employees, to leaving the environment better than we found it.