A Revolutionary Strengthening Method

What is flex?

FLEX is the very first hands-free, all in one resistance band tool! It’s an easy-to-use versatile strengthening device for foot and ankle exercises.

It eliminates the need for using both hands with resistance band exercises. You can adjust the level of resistance using the waistband and leg straps.

FLEX has three levels of resistance loops to interchange for different exercises and needs. FLEX targets the plantaris tendon, enhancing strength, preventing injury, and improving performance.

how do i use flex?

1. Pick your resistance loop band based on the level of resistance you want. Attach the desired loops to each leg strap.  

2. Wrap the waist band around your waist to desired tightness, and secure the velcro strap. 

3. Put the resistance loops around your toes and adjust the leg straps until taught. The ball of your foot should be centered in the band. 

4. Adjust the leg straps until taught. These should be tight enough so your toes are slightly pulled backwards by the loops when your legs are straight. 

5. Begin by flexing and pointing your feet. 

6. BONUS: Use the turnout strap to adjust the resistance for turnout strengthening. Place this velcro strap around both of the leg straps. You can keep it loose or tighten the velcro, this will adjust the resistance to turnout. You can increase and decrease the resistance by moving this strap up and down the resistance straps.

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You have the ability to maximize your turnout with the adjustable velcro strap that offers customizable resistance for turnout strengthening.

Simply adjust the width to increase or decrease the level of intensity, and move the strap down the leg straps to enhance resistance.

Resistance. Flexibility. Active Strengthening.  

FLEX helps dancers enhance strength in the feet, ankles, and toes with adjustable resistance bands. Dancers can now effortlessly multi-task while cross training with FLEX.

FLEX promotes strength building to help dancers avoid preventable injuries. Maximize efficiency and preparation time for peak performance.

Goodbye to bad posture, sweaty hands, and excuses.

With FLEX, you no longer need to manually manipulate stretch bands with your hands because resistance stems from the hips and legs. Now, you are free to multitask!

Enjoy sewing your pointe shoes, being on your phone, or just having free hands! Whatever helps you get in the zone and feel prepared for optimized training.

With an adjustable waistband and adjustable leg straps, you can set the exact level of resistance you want depending on your desired exercises, leg length, and flexibility.

resistance loop breakdown

Interchangeable resistance loops allow you to control the level of resistance your work through on each foot. Swap out the loops for new challenges.

Light Mint: low resistance and low strength 

Mint: medium resistance and medium strength 

Black: high resistance and high strength

exercises we recommend

For an in depth overview and description of exercises we recommend, click the link below!

Disclaimer, please be careful with the bands and ensure they are properly secured to your foot. Remember to never have them too close to your face incase of an accidental snap back from the band. Só Dança is not responsible for any injuries incurred when using flex.