Let's talk about... Tights!

In the world of dance, traditions like wearing tights are deeply rooted.

At Só Dança, we respect these traditions while highlighting how the right pair of tights can make you feel more confident and comfortable in your classes and rehearsals.

If wearing tights isn't your thing, you might not know these 5 key points on WHY dancers wear tights for classes, rehearsals, and performances:

  • Hygiene: Tights serve as a protective barrier between your skin and costumes or class wear, minimizing the transfer of sweat and bacteria to maintain cleanliness.

  • Aesthetics: Tights contribute to a sleek and uniform appearance, highlighting your lines and technique.

  • Comfort: By adding an extra layer, tights help keep muscles warm through long class, rehearsal and performance days, preventing strains and ensuring comfort.

  • Muscle Support: Tights provide gentle compression, offering support to muscles, which could help reduce fatigue and the risk of injury.

  • Protection: Tights offer a measure of protection against friction and minor abrasions, particularly useful when dancing on various surfaces during rehearsals and performances.


    If tights are uncomfortable for you, then it might be because you haven't experienced the perfect fit. The ideal tights should feel soft, almost unnoticeable, without any itching or tugging. Só Dança achieves this with a unique hand-knit waistband that is unlike any traditional elastic for (truly) unmatched comfort.

    Our range of tights spans various styles—from footed to footless, and stirrup to convertible, seamed or not — there's a perfect fit for every dance need.
    We get it... sometimes putting on tights over your whole leg doesn't fit the vibe you're going for. By simply creating your own cut off tights (if your studio allows it!) you can tailor them to your exact specifications, creating your perfect pair of tights.
    With these expert tips and being fully stocked, you’ll be well-equipped to feel confident and prepared for your summer intensives!
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