Level Up - AC28, AC29 Big Toe and Second Toe $12.00
Level Up - AC28, AC29
Level Up - AC28, AC29
Level Up - AC28, AC29

Level Up - AC28, AC29

Pointe Shoe Toes Leveler

Regular price$12.00
Picture yourself slipping these toe protectors onto your toes before slipping into your pointe shoes, and suddenly you're ready to dance without worry. The leveler design ensures that your toes stay aligned and supported, reducing the risk of painful blisters and discomfort during intense rehearsals or performances.


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  • Silicone
  • Package includes 2 of each of the toe protectors and 2 toe extenders
  • Toe caps with thickness at the tip to level out toe lengths
  • Extenders can be inserted to give added length
  • Can be cut to size as needed
  • Scented with Lavender

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