Flourish Dance Company - Required Attire - Seedlings


      Welcome to the Flourish Dance Company's uniform selection page. When choosing your uniform items, please make note of your level's required color options:

      Leotard: Peacock
      Tights: Theatrical Pink 
      Ballet Shoe: Light Pink
      Optional Skirt: Peacock

      The Patrish leotard is the required leotard for ALL youth dancers taking ballet classes at Flourish Dance Company. This includes Company Dancers, and dancers in our Roots Program. 

      All dancers are required to wear this leotard with theatrical pink convertible tights and Bellamy super pro, split sole canvas ballet slippers. 

      Listed skirts are an optional add on. 

      Hair must be worn in a neat bun, with a hair net. 

      With the exception of stud earrings, no jewelry please.

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