Tap Shoe Cover - AC11

Tap Shoe Cover - AC11

Tap Shoe Cover

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These are an essential purchase for all tappers! You'll be glad you have these pull-on shoe covers that minimize unwanted noise, and protect your dance shoes from damage to the soles.

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  • Slip on tap shoe cover
  • Completely deadens the sound
  • Non-slip sole


Shoe Sizes / Fitting Guide

Kids - US Women's - US Men's - US
P 1.0S-2.5S 3.0L-4.5L 1.5L-2.5L


5.0L-6.5L 3.0L-4.5L
M 7.0L-8.5L 5.0L-6.5L
L 9.0L-10.5L 7.0L-8.5L
XL 11.0L-12.5L 9.0L-10.5L
XXL 13.0L-14.0L 11.0L-12.0L