Welcome to VPAA's uniform selection page.

      All VPAA students are required to wear appropriate assigned attire to class(es) and will not be allowed to participate in class if attire is not worn correctly.

      Attention: No correct uniform = No class NO SHORTS or T-SHIRTS ALLOWED in class. Dance attire and ballet shoes should NEVER be worn outside. Please, have your child arrive and leave the studio wearing regular shoes and warm-up clothing. (shorts, pants, skirt or similar).

      TIGHTS: Pink Ballet (non-shiny) tights. Always clean and in good condition.

      SHOES: Pink canvas split sole ballet shoes w/ laces tucked in and students name written inside. Professional Division students will require sewn ribbons on their shoes. NO leather shoes. Label your child's shoes. The school is not responsible for any items left behind.

      LEOTARD LEVEL COLOR: Light Blue & Black

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