kristen vencel

After graduating from Palm Beach Atlantic University with a degree in Dance, I began working in cross-cultural settings, traveling and sharing dance around the world. Ultimately, I knew I didn't want to leave South Florida but to stay and make art right here in my own community, so I began to dance with Demetrius Klein Dance Company where I now serve as Associate Artistic Director.

Over the years, no matter how life changed, such as getting married and having four children and homeschooling them, I have continued to dance and make art. Passionately I fight against the anti-aging culture around us and continue to surprise others in the industry as a mature dancer who is, yes, still dancing and dancing well. Because how could I stop?

I am at my prime, truly, in my early 40s. I am always wanting to grow and learn more and find new ways to make dances for stage and for film. I want as many people as possible to experience dance, whether that be as a dancer or an audience member, and I am consistently exploring ways to do that.

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