Princesses Ballet

Bringing the beauty of dance to underprivileged communities!


Our partnership with Princesses Ballet began in 2018 when we heard the intent and passion of their mission. Princesses Ballet is a subsector of City Gospel Mission. City Gospel Mission is a long standing organization that was established in 1924 by James N Gamble. The overall goal of this non-profit is to equip those in need with skills and resources aiding them in achieving life transformation and self-reliance.

Princesses Ballet, more specifically, makes ballet available and accessible to all students, regardless of financial status. In 2003, this Cincinnati based non-profit began with just eight girls. Now, it has grown into twenty-one different locations in the Greater Cincinnati area providing inspiration to well over 500 girls!

Princesses Ballet helps these young ladies understand their self-worth and encourages them to thrive no matter their circumstances. This organization continually impacts their community and Só Dança is proud to partner with them to help make a difference. We are thrilled to support this organization through the donation of products and assistance of professional dancers. Our team has the absolute pleasure of providing these aspiring girls with full outfits to encourage their confidence in class. We pride ourselves on how much we can give back to our community, as they are what make the successes of Só Dança even more valuable!

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Grace Shivers, Corps de Ballet with Cincinnati Ballet, talks about how dance is helping to encourage the girls of City Gospel Mission's Princesses Ballet.