Size Guide


1. Basic flex and pointe

2. ABC’s on each foot 

- Flex and point just the toes with foot in a pointed position

- Begin by slowly moving the foot and ankle in the shape of letters as if you are drawing out the alphabet on your feet

- Repeat 2x on each foot

3. Internal ankle rotation - Supination exercise

- Begin with the feet in parallel

- Cross the left foot over the right and push the leg strap outward with the left foot

- With the right foot in the resistance loop, slowly rotate the foot inward and release back

- Keep the left foot pushed the right leg strap out and repeat 10x

- Repeat on the left foot with the right leg pushing the leg strap outward

- This helps to prevent the sickling of the ankle.

4. External ankle rotation - Pronation exercise

- Begin by sitting parallel with the right foot in a resistance loop

- Place the left foot over the right and pull the leg strap of the right leg inward towards the left creating resistance

- Pull the toes on the right foot outward as if you are winging your ankle

- Repeat this 10x on each leg

- This exercise helps to improve the ability to wing your foot.


- Lay on your back with your legs in the air creating an L shape

- Begin with the turnout strap positioned near the top of the legs, encompassing both leg straps.

- Slowly turn out the feet and hips

- Increase the resistance to your turnout by sliding the turnout strap down the legs

- Repeat in each position 5x


Hamstring stretches

- one leg in hair other leg flat on floor

- one leg in front and side pulled close to face

Straddle stretches

- place the resistance loops on each foot when your legs are directly in front of you

- slowly open your legs into a straddle position and tighten the leg straps as necessary

- pointe and flex your feet in this position