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Our dream partnership! Só Dança has named New York City Ballet principal dancer, Tiler Peck, our newest brand ambassador.

Two industry favorites are joining forces to create a beautiful and unique collection that will be sold both in stores and online to dancers world wide to wear for all their dance classes, auditions, rehearsals, and performances!

To be working with one of the most influential and motivating dancers of the century is not only thrilling as a brand partnership, but it will allow us to have an even greater impact on the ability to inspire the next generation of dancers to look and feel their best while pursuing their passion!

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Tiler Peck, a world-renowned Prima ballerina known for her versatility and musicality, has left an indelible mark on the dance world. As a principal dancer with the New York City Ballet, she seamlessly blends grace, precision, and captivating stage presence in both classical and contemporary roles. Beyond her stellar dance career, Peck extends her talents to film, musical theater, and television, showcasing her multifaceted artistry.

Recognized as one of the top American ballerinas, Tiler Peck is not only a remarkable dancer but also an accomplished actress, designer, and choreographer. Her dedication to pushing the boundaries of classical ballet and commitment to innovation make her a standout figure in the dance community. We are honored to collaborate with Tiler, creating dancewear that caters to children, adults, and those with curvier bodies, reflecting her inclusive and inspiring approach to the art form.

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