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With the situation in Europe becoming direr with each day, it is easy to feel helpless. Só Dança, along with our local retail partners, would like to help out young dancers that will be arriving in the US after fleeing Ukraine.

Since dance is an international language,there will be familiarity for those that have fled to enter a studio and continue working as they have been.
Regardless of where you are from, when you start ballet class you always go to the barre and do plies.We'd like to help them experience some joy and hope through dance.

Together, we will be providing dancers with dancewear for 1 full year. This will include ballet or jazz shoes (up to 2 pairs), tights (up to 4 pairs) and a leotard. If you know a dancer that could benefit from this program, reach out to your local Só Danca dealer to get involved.

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