Brandy - SDE1828 Pink / S $7.50
Brandy - SDE1828
Brandy - SDE1828

Brandy - SDE1828

Adult Camisole Bralette Top

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A dance bralette is like a tiny dancer's dream come true! It's a dainty, delightful piece of dancewear that adds a sprinkle of charm to your ensemble. Crafted with the softest fabrics and adorned with delicate details, it's like a little love letter to your dancing soul. With its snug yet gentle embrace, it gives you the confidence to pirouette, plié, and leap with grace and flair. This sweet bralette is more than just a dance accessory; it's your partner in twirls, your confidante in spins, and your little secret weapon for feeling absolutely fabulous on the dance floor!

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  • Microfiber
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