Jaden - JZ40 Tan / 9.0s (toddler) / Medium $59.00
Jaden - JZ40
Jaden - JZ40
Jaden - JZ40 - Só Dança USA
JZ40 - Black - Só Dança USA
JZ40 - Caramel - Só Dança USA

Jaden - JZ40

Jazz Dance Boot

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Picture these shoes on your feet, and suddenly, you're transformed into a dance secret agent. The split sole design gives you the freedom to pivot, spin, and slide with ease, like a ninja on the dance floor. It's as if your feet have their own superpowers, ready to take on any rhythmic challenge.


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Sizing Guidelines:

Children & Women: Generally the same as street shoe size
Men: Approximately 2.5 sizes up from street shoe size