Joniz - JZ84As Caramel / 10.0s (child) / B $53.00
Joniz - JZ84As
Joniz - JZ84As

Joniz - JZ84As

Child Slip On Jazz Shoe with Suede Sole

Regular price$53.00
Do you ever dance around the house in your socks? Turning, twirling, and spinning through the living room? These foot hugging, sock-like jazz shoes will be your new best friend!


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Sizing Guidelines:

Children & Women: Generally the same as street shoe size
Men: Approximately 2.5 sizes up from street shoe size 



  • Leather Upper
  • Suede Sole
  • Neoprene
  • Low Profile
  • Foot Hugging Neoprene Insert Under Arch
  • Thin Rubber Toe Pad and Heel
  • For adult sizes, see JZ84AL

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