Kobe - RDE2636 Black-Rosewood / M $49.20
Kobe - RDE2636
Kobe - RDE2636
Kobe - RDE2636

Kobe - RDE2636

Men's Ballet Unitard with Zipper

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But this isn't just any dancewear; it's a fashion-forward statement. The unitard offers a streamlined silhouette, showcasing your physique and giving you the look of a ballet trendsetter. It's like wearing the future of dance fashion while being the hero of your own performance. A men's ballet unitard is more than just a costume; it's your trusty sidekick in the dance world. With each leap, turn, and jeté, it's like you're performing a dance of epic proportions, and the unitard is your iconic suit, helping you shine as you move with grace and flair.


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  • Light®/Shimmer Microfiber
  • Made in Brazil

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