Marisol - FL12 Black / 4.0L (adult) / Medium $139.00
Marisol - FL12 - Só Dança USA
Marisol - FL12 - Só Dança USA

Marisol - FL12

Adult 2.5" Heel Flamenco Shoes

Regular price$139.00
Grab your castanets, strap on your FL12's and head to the dance floor for some steamy Flamenco! These premium leather shoes with attached nails will be the most comfortable flamenco shoes you have ever tried.


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Sizing Guidelines:

Children: Same as street shoe size
Women: Approximately 1 size down from street shoe size
Men: 2 sizes up from street shoe size


Fit Preferences:
If you prefer a snug fit - Approximately 2 sizes down from street shoe size

If you prefer a looser fit - Same as street shoe size


1 Size up from street shoe size 

  • Premium leather upper
  • 2.5" wide heel
  • Nails are affixed to the heel and leather sole
  • Wide instep strap and secure buckle will keep everything in place
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