Joffrey Ballet School Trainee Program - Partnering


      Welcome to Joffrey Ballet School's Trainee Program uniform selection page. Please pay attention and only purchase the following color choices for the products listed. 

      Female-identifying Dancers:

      Leotard Color: Black (fully covering the back)

      Tights Color: Pink or Skin Toned (under the leotard and covering legs and feet completely)

      Pointe Shoes:  Light Pink or Skin Toned

      Skirt: Black (You may wear skirts only to Pointe class and Performance Studies)

      Practice Tutu: White (purchased elsewhere)

      Dancers of color may wear skin toned tights and slippers to match as close to the student’s natural skin tone as possible.

      • Dancers should have their hair in a bun with a hair net.
      • Absolutely no jewelry of any kind may be worn in class.
      • Nails must be kept short to avoid injury.

      Male-identifying students: 

      T-shirt: White

      Tights: Black or White with matching socks

      Ballet Slippers: Black

      • Dancers should have hair secured in a ponytail if it is below the collar line.
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