Place of Hope at The Leighan and David Rinker Campus is a unique faith-based, state-licensed children’s organization providing various support services that meet children and families in the midst of their current situation- whatever that might be. Children and families can find dignity, guidance, and hope through various programs and efforts at Place of Hope at The Leighan and David Rinker Campus – Placing Hope in a Child’s Future. With regard to children entrusted to our care and their families, we strive to foster hope rather than despair, potential rather than limitations, healing rather than hurting, belonging rather than isolation, and what the future can be, rather than what the past has been. Place of Hope at The Leighan and David Rinker Campus is dedicated to providing a stable and loving family environment for hurting children and their families. We are committed to meeting desperate needs in our community by sharing God’s love and placing hope in their lives – one child and family at a time. (Place of Hope - About Us)

In addition to the amazing work Place of Hope is doing in their community, they are also committed to raising awareness and educating their communities about the growing issue of human trafficking- also known as modern-day slavery. This past year, they launched a “Fight Against Human Trafficking” campaign that is designed to raise awareness and educate schools, hospitals, churches, hotels, and other organizations about the epidemic of human trafficking in our communities and around the world. Their primary educational tool is their documentary film- “Invisible: A Fight To End Human Trafficking.” After the viewings of each film, they ask volunteers to partner with them in this initiative to put a stop to human trafficking. They have already trained over 3,000 community members and have distributed more than 5,000 items labeled with the Human Trafficking Hotline to hotels and other partnering organizations. When some of our Só Dança staff members, including CEO Lisias Ransan, attended one of the educational workshops in the community, we knew we wanted to do more as a company. “After viewing the film and learning more about this serious issue in our community and around the world, I knew we needed to use our platform to promote change.”- Lisias Ransan, CEO

Só Dança stepped in to support Place of Hope’s educational and prevention program in an effort to put a stop to human trafficking. We had the opportunity to bring their film into our corporate office for viewing so awareness would start within our own work community. We also thought to ourselves, “What more can we do as a dance manufacturing company to raise awareness?” A dream quickly became a reality when we thought a great way to support Place of Hope in this initiative would be through the art of dance.

This is where our exciting new project comes in! “The issue of human trafficking moves people and dance moves people, so we decided to bring the two together for a powerful two-part video project we will be releasing in January 2020- Human Trafficking Awareness Month. Florida is #3 in the U.S for human trafficking rates and The Super Bowl has the highest rates of human trafficking than any other event in the U.S. throughout the year. This year it is in Miami,FL, so we knew this would be the perfect opportunity to get the word out before countless people fall victim to human trafficking once again.”- Summer Douglas, Project Manager. We partnered with a professional dance company in Miami, Dimensions Dance Theatre Miami, and filmmaker, Bryson Hatfield, to create a beautiful two-part series that we hope will spread awareness about this issue.

All proceeds raised from the videos will go directly to Place of Hope and their cause. We were also presented with the opportunity to be co-presenting sponsors at Place of Hope’s 2nd Annual Human Trafficking Prevention and Education Luncheon on January 28th, 2020 where Dimensions Dance Theatre will be guest performing. We know this is all just the beginning of our exciting partnership with Place of Hope.

Só Dança is honored to be in partnership with such amazing organizations and we would love for YOU to also partner with us in this initiative.

If you would like to Give to the Hope Campaign please click here.