We donated over five-hundred shoes, leotards, and t-shirts to the Shoes for Uganda project. Vicki-Marie was beaming with joy once she received the donation from Só Dança.

“I must say, there were many moments of tears as I was unpacking the leotards, feeling the fabric, and thinking of the students feeling them as they put them on. I don't think they have ever worn an item so soft. They will be amazed. The large shoes are so wonderful as some of the boys have incredibly wide feet, I couldn’t give them shoes last year.   And the shirts... oh my goodness… the word that keeps popping up is “whimsical.” I can't wait to see their reactions to them!! I cannot begin to thank Só Dança enough for the generosity and support in this!”  
- Vicki-Marie Bassing

While in Kiryabicooli, Vicki-Marie and two other team members began to distribute Só Dança’s ballet slippers to the boys and girls. They explained how to care for their beautiful new dance shoes.

While in Uganda, Vicki-Marie’s team used an open field to serve as a dance studio. The happy faces made this endeavor well worth it. Each day was filled with endless laughter and, of course, dance lessons. The students learned the positions of the feet, marching, how to plié, and even pas de chats. Vicki-Marie expressed how jubilant the kids were playing freeze dance and how she will forever cherish these memories

Vicki-Marie also trained Joseph Muhammed to continue teaching ballet classes to the community even in her absence.

We, Só Dança, are honored to sponsor such an impactful organization with a mission to serve others through the language of dance.


There is more to see. Check the video and photos Vicki collected from her journey and shared with us.