Só Dança Spotlight: Tia Wenkman

Só Dança Spotlight: Tia Wenkman

Recently we sat down with So Dancer Tia Wenkman to uncover more of who she is and what dance means to her. Tia is 16-years-old and is originally from a small town in Wisconsin called Waunakee, located outside the capital city of Madison, Wisconsin. She has been training for the last two years in Arizona at Master Ballet Academy and is presently dancing at the Royal Ballet School in London. Although she enjoys many different styles of dance, her specialty is classical and contemporary ballet.

Tia, what would you say is the hardest thing about being a dancer?

I feel like the hardest thing about being a dancer is the financial burden that it puts on my family. That may not be what you expected to hear, but ballet is extremely expensive. My family’s belief in me and in my dancing has meant that we have had to split up the last couple of years. My father continues to work in Wisconsin and support my living and training expenses in Arizona. I wish it didn’t have to be like that.

Also, I find it very difficult to manage school work with my packed-full schedule.

What do you enjoy most about dance?

Dance allows me to express my feelings, and I just love performing on the stage in front of an audience. I love that each performance is different and I am able to show my passion for my work in various styles of productions. I love being able to set small goals and achieve them.

What does it mean to you to be a So Dancer?

It means so much to me to be a part of the So Dancers. I love to be able to share that title with so many amazing other dancers and my peers from all over the world. It gives me an outlet to share my journey and passion with so many more people.

What do you like about the Só Dança brand?

I think Só Dança is a great company.  Their products are high quality and they are very thoughtful in their designs. The design with the dancer in mind. The products need to work for us. They have always been so helpful to me when addressing any of my concerns, and they are committed to putting me in the proper shoes for my feet.


Photo: Eva Nys

What are some of your favorite Só Dança products?

Great question! Some of my favorite Só Dança products are the ballet flats, the Toshie Pointe shoes, the tights, and the beautiful leotards. I love the cut of the leg line on the leotards. They are perfect for auditions.


Photo: Eva Nys

Describe your role as a So Dancer.

Being a So Dancer means I get to be a positive role model to others, and I get to share my journey and my experiences with my peers and to other aspiring dancers around the world. 


Who are the professional dancers you look up to the most?

It’s very hard to choose because there are so many dancers that inspire me for different reasons; however, I would say Natalia Osipova and Marianela Núñez. I also admire Julie Kent, because she has had such an amazing career both on and off stage. Oh, and, of course, Svetlana Zakharova because of her incredible lines and technique.


Finally, Tia, tell us about your goals and dreams as a dancer.

I hope to perform all over the world. It’s so hard to say what companies I would love to dance for, however, I think Royal Ballet, ABT, and Dutch National Ballet are all amazing. My short-term goal is to experience different styles of ballet and to challenge myself to expand my artistry.


You’re on your way, Tia!

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All photos by Eva Nys


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